The Company|Our Responsibility

We are active in our work to find the most environmentally friendly solutions possible. This is done through an environmental focus which is a guiding principle in all decisions, in major decisions as well as in everyday decisions. This means that sustainability and environmental issues will affect the entire company, such as production, procurement, marketing, logistics, and administration.

At Hatec we make efforts to improve the resource management and reduce the company’s environmental impact. This philosophy of energy efficiency makes economic sense, and our environmental improvement work have shown that what is good for the environment is also good for business. Savings in natural resources will result in savings in financial resources for both us and our customers. In terms of energy efficiency our cost of electricity is less than 1 % of our total turnover, this number comes out as an excellent result in an industry benchmark. Results are a motivator for further improvement and development in the company.

Hatec as a workplace, Safety first!
Hatec has a strong focus on safety and holds an objective of an accident-free workplace to make sure everyone goes home safe, every day. In this field we make every effort to be on a top safety level and to be a leader in the industry. Hatec takes responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our workforce. In this effort to ensure that work is safe, different actions are carried out such as; having a clear focus on safety, continuously evaluate risks and routines, adequate training of employees, having appropriate rules and to make sure they are followed.

Strategic and operational occupational health and safety work also include making sure that all appropriate safety equipment are in place and tested regularly. Our safety activities includes third party certifications management system such as SGU (Safety, Health Environment) SCC** and ISO 9001. Read more about the certifications here.